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About Us

Find something you love to do they say, and you'll never work a day in your life....

Maybe, that's true in some cases, but I know I'd rather work hard at something that I love and believe in, than to be part of something that doesn't satisfy me.

Scottsboro Tackle Co. started as a college final, a business plan that grew from a semester long project into a reality. At first it was just an idea of necessity, a project that I had to come up with. It was a business plan with a whole list of criteria (I'll spare you the syllabus), but eventually it took on a life of its own. Scottsboro Tackle Co. started with three companies that believed in a girl who had no store front, just a do-it-yourself website, and a few pocket tournaments three nights a week that I set up at. That was 10 years ago.

Today, Scottsboro Tackle Co. is located in downtown Scottsboro on the Courthouse Square. We have grown from those first three companies to dozens of companies who's products we carry, including specialty companies with the hard to find products.

Our mission is to provide fisherman, professional and amateur, with quality products to enhance their fishing capability. We strive to make it memorable, for either tournament or leisure, while on the lake here in Guntersville, AL or at a lake in your own home town once your journey here has ended. Above all, Scottsboro Tackle Co. strives to educate our customers and provide fisherman with the latest information on what the season demands, refer interested parties to experienced guides if desired, and provide a relationship to keep you coming back year after year.